Thursday, January 24, 2013

28 weeks and donuts

Hello THIRD trimester, it's nice to see you!!  I feel like this is a big milestone and I can't believe how fast it got here.  If I think all the way back to the beginning of this pregnancy and how scared I was about losing another one and how I had to take it day by does feel like I've been pregnant forever, ha!  Since the second trimester rolled around, things just took off and it hasn't slowed down!  :)

We are having fun getting ready for this baby!  Parker is convinced he is getting a baby sister, he is pretty consistent in saying that now.  Makes me wonder if he has some little instinct that we don't have!?
WARNING:  Most adorable story ever...
The other night James and I were putting Parker to bed and praying with him.  He prayed "Dear God, thank you for mommy, daddy, Waco, and for the baby in mommy's tummy and that we get to go to the "W store" and pick it up in April, Amen."  What??  The W store??  James and I quizzed him about what in the world that was with no help from him in return.  We put him down and went on about our evening (watching Downton Abbey, love it) and then it hit me out of no where!!  Parker has been with us to a sonogram and to an appt with Dr. Appel all of which take place in the Women's Healthcare Associates building which happens to have a giant "W" on the front of the building.  He thinks that since we see the baby on a screen there and that is where the doctor is, that the baby will be ready for us to "pick up" in April!!!  I wish you could have seen how hard we were laughing!  Don't you love the innocence and reasoning of a three year old?  It really is precious!

This would be the "W" that Parker is referring to.  The W store that we are going to go to in April to pick up this new little one.  Don't we wish it was that easy??

Just blooming right along!  :)

I'm not sure stripes and pregnant women go well together, oh well.  The top is super comfy and I was in a hurry to make it to Bible study on time!  :)

Bonus cuteness...Parker had "donuts for dad" at preschool on Tuesday!
He LOVED showing James his school and having his daddy in his classroom.

I could eat him up.
 Even more than I could eat that donut sitting in front of him!  ;)

*We have a sonogram tomorrow at the "W store" and Parker will be going with us again.  More sweet baby pics to come, stay tuned!!


  1. W store.... Sweetest and smartest thing ever!!!!!

  2. Such a sweet story! What a precious big brother you have there :).

  3. Love this post! Yes, stripes and pregnant women DO go look beautiful! If only we could go to the "W" store and pick up our babies. :) That story is priceless...bless his sweet heart. And, I want that donut!

  4. You look so GREAT! And, yes, please, I'll take a donut, too!