Tuesday, March 5, 2013

34 weeks!

Can you feel the excitement around here?  We are down to 6 weeks until this baby comes!!!!  I am dying to know what we are welcoming into our family, baby boy or baby girl??  Parker and James are still sold on a girl and I just know it's a boy!  I'm still feeling great although heartburn comes around a little more often but nothing to complain about!  I get asked all the time if I am still teaching spin classes and the answer is yes.  This preggo gets on her bike and hollars out commands with an end result of a very sweaty and tired class, it's fun!  I am 100% convinced that working out while pregnant is the best thing.  It keeps your blood pressure down, weight gain down, swelling down and energy level up (most of the time), and bonus...it helps in labor and delivery and with shedding the added pounds after.  It's just a good thing!  :)
We have the names picked out and are ready to roll with whatever the Lord blesses us with.  6 weeks will fly by and who knows, this baby could be early, doubtful, Parker was almost a week late so I'm not expecting anything before then!
Here I am with my 34 week bump!!

Black is good color!  A very good color.  :)


  1. You are just now allowed to look that good at 34 weeks! I am so darn excited to welcome him? her? into this world!

  2. You look beautiful in any color, dawlin'! Love you!!

  3. Black is a good color...you'd look good naked lol!! You look amazing and so happy! I can't wait to see what that baby is!

  4. Oh my gosh! I just found your link from Mix and Match Mama's site!! I knew you were pregnant (from Facebook) but how great to get to see your beautiful face and pictures! :) So excited for y'all. I still remember talking about babies and life at PCBC. So good to "see" you!! love, rebecca