Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fun in the sun!

Oh my goodness... we could not have had a more perfect day yesterday!  Our high was 86 degrees and the sun was shining, absolute perfection in my book!  It was also the most perfect day to head to the ranch with my girlfriends and their kids for a day full of playing!!
These girls are such a blessing.  Not only do we get see each other everyday at the gym to workout and of course socialize, but our kids are great friends too and they love playing together!
We met bright and early and drove out to the ranch and had a full day of fun!  By the end of the day, our kids were seriously dragging themselves to the car to head home, it was awesome!!
Here is a glimpse of our day...

When we arrived the first thing the kids wanted to do was to check out the horses!

Parker and Eli getting a view from the top!

So we had this great idea of getting all the kids to sit on the stairs for a picture.

It just didn't happen.

Sweet Leah and Eli ready to ride the mule!

My backseat passengers...Karen with Gracie, Parker and Chloe

You better believe there was four wheel riding!  These girls know what they're doing! ;)

We stopped off at the apartment barn garage where we got to meet the new littler of kittens.  They are just 2 weeks old.  The kids loved them!!

Yes, this prego hiked herself up on a four wheeler to take Parker on a ride! ;)

My cool little dude.

Oh how they loved riding the little John Deer tractors.

Since we don't uncover the pool until Memorial day weekend, we created another type of water activity!

And there was some relaxing...Leah, can we get you anything??

Amanda with Chloe, Charlotte, Olivia and Parker
They got a kick out of riding around in that thing!

We ended the day with some tennis and basketball!

It sure was fun girls!!  Can't wait to do it again!!

Only 97 days until summer!!!!!  Can I get an Amen?

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