Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has sprung!

And so has the 9th month of my pregnancy. I hit 36 weeks this past Tuesday, wow!!  Now that the weather has turned warm (for the time being), Parker and I have been busy, busy playing outside!  I've also been in that famous "nesting mode" where I feel like I could organize anything at any given time!  I continue to eat up my last weeks of one on one time with Parker, these days are just precious to me!
Here's what we've been up to...

Lots of outside time...picnics, park play dates with friends, side walk chalk, walks, etc.

I adore this picture, our trees are finally BLOOMING!!!  The ugly dead of winter is leaving us!

This boy has gotten really fast on his hot wheels.

So fast that I have resorted to riding this just to keep up with him!!  :)

I still ride this one at the friend Leah insisted on taking a picture of me teaching spin class while 9 months prego.  She says one day I will appreciate day I'll look back at how crazy I was!  Ha!  :)

And here is the 36 week belly shot!
Not much longer!  Boy or girl????  Dying to know!
I 100% think it's a boy, no question, just my instinct.  In fact, I told a girlfriend today that I will roll off the bed if that baby comes out a girl...from sheer shock!  :)


  1. Love the picture of you teaching. You go, girl! Love you!

  2. You look amazing for 9 months pregnant! You are in the home stretch!

  3. You look so good! Absolutely beautiful! And by the way, I'm predicting a girl. Just lettin' ya know... :)

  4. This reminds me of riding around White Rock with you while I was pregnant with Anna...except I'm pretty sure I wasn't NINE months pregnant! You look great and you're almost there. By the way, I 100% thought Lydia was a boy. :) I'm predicting girl as well!

  5. What a sweet picture of you and Parker together! You are such a cute pregnant lady!!