Tuesday, April 9, 2013

39 weeks!

Well, here I am one week from my due date...crazy!  I just thought I was ready to have this baby two weeks ago, well, I am READY to roll!  I have reached the point of feeling somewhat uncomfortable...lower back pain has set in, major fatigue and even some anxiety about how this is all going to go down!  I'm so excited about the big day though,  just beside myself wondering what it's going to be and watching Parker meet his baby brother or sister...it is going to be the best!!  Parker has kept up the excitement as well and continues to give us predictions as to when this baby is going to arrive and whether it's a boy or girl!

1 week to go!!

In the meantime, we've been busy celebrating Waco's 8th birthday!

Making pancakes

Getting baby items out of the attic

Being silly (with clean underwear I might add)

Enjoying the park

Getting a little wet on a very warm day

And going on one last date night with the hubs...Jurassic Park in 3D was awesome by the way!  :)

Stay tuned for baby news!!! I go to the doctor on Thursday morning so we will see what she says!


  1. You look FABULOUS! I can't wait to find out what you're having!!

  2. I can't wait!! I've been thinking about you a lot and on edge waiting for an update lol!! I'm reaching the point of being slightly uncomfortable now haha! Praying for peace for you as the day nears and a healthy mom and baby!

  3. You are too cute!! Praying your delivery goes well :)

  4. Parker looks so long in that baby seat!

    I can't believe Waco is 8!

    Cute bump. ; )