Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big Cedar trip 2013

I really cant' believe our trip up to Missouri has come and gone!  I've said it before and I'll say it again...this is really one of my favorite places to go!!  It's absolutely beautiful, I'd move to the Ozarks in a heartbeat!!  :)
To be very honest, I was really kind of dreading the trip this year.  I mean...a 10 hour car trip with a 3 month old, the heat, having to stay inside the cabin, etc, etc.  Well, it could not have gone better!  Sydney did amazing in the car, the Lord sent us a cool front so it wasn't too hot for her, and she slept on the boat and loved it!  What a blessing!!
Here are a zillion pictures to document our trip!
All packed and ready to hit the road!
We drove 8 hours to Fayettville, AR the first night.

I am so thankful my kids are good travelers!

Sweet baby girl slept a lot!

Once we checked into our hotel, we ate dinner and then played putt putt!

I couldn't get over all the TREES!  When you live in Amarillo, TX, trees are a lovely sight when you travel somewhere that has them.

Up and at 'em the next morning to meet the rest of the fam and drive 2 hours to Big Cedar.

We made it!

I love driving through this place.

A darling little chapel they just built for weddings!

Our favorite lunch spot, Truman's Cottage.

Luke and Meredith headed off to Kanukuk for closing ceremonies and we hit the lake!

Sydney's first boat ride!

The Friday evening lake crew!  

Up bright and early Sat morning for golf!  Parker was pumped about getting to play with his new putter and 7 iron.

Me, Sydney and Nana followed along in cart and watched!

Sweet smile!

After golf it was time for the lake again!

James, Parker, Katherine and Blake swimming!

One of my favorite things to do is get up early and run through the hills...I had the cutest running partner!

Sunday was a cool day, like in the 70's cool.  We were supposed to have a day on the lake but we just hung around and played all morning.  This is my hubby on his long board!
All the cousins rode their Razor scooters up and down the hills, it was very entertaining!
We played some more putt putt with the family!

                  We eventually made it out on the boat that evening and we found a great place to go cliff jumping!  This is all of us holding hands and jumping!

We cook or grill out in the evenings...this is what our dinners looked like!

Eating dinner outside!

Such a pretty view.

I loved watching sunsets from the balcony!

Breakfast with a view from our balcony!

While the boys played golf on Monday morning, Meredith, Ann and I took the kids down to the "beach" to canoe and play.
Sydney just sat pretty in the shade.

Then it was off for our last afternoon on the lake!

This is Luke and Sloan debating whether or not to do this extremely high cliff jump.

There goes Sloan!
So Luke had to jump too!

We all enjoyed our last day on Table Rock, it's just the best!!

Cutie pie cousins!

Sloan, James and Tripp
Family pics Tuesday morning before the 10 hour car trip home!

Until next year Big Cedar!!

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