Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hodge Podge

In the interest of getting caught up with my blog, I am posting a "hodge podge" of things at one time!!  I will start with the 4th of July and go from there!  It makes me sad that my favorite time of year is already half way over.  I was in Hobby Lobby today and saw Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff and wanted to cry.  Don't get me wrong, I love these holidays to the fullest, I'm just not ready to let go of my hot summer days at the pool!!  ;)  Good thing I don't have to quite yet!

On the morning of the 4th, we woke up to a lovely rain shower!  It quickly cleared off and we headed down to Canyon for the parade with Brie and Blair!

Me and my patriotic babies!

We followed the parade with a picnic lunch and an afternoon of swimming!

Well, hello little cutie pie!

I'm getting good at catching these sweet smiles on camera!

Parker and Chloe at the gym one morning.  They have grown up together and we are sad to see Chloe and her family move away to Juneau, Alaska.  They will be missed but we are excited about their new adventure.

Last week, P started swim lessons.  We had tears at first but by the end of the week he was swimming on his own without his floaties!

The day he got through an entire lesson without crying I took him to get ice cream as a bribe reward.

My little fish!
Look mom, no floaties!!
Little sis trying to keep cool in the shade at the pool.  It was HOT last week!

And this sweetness just melts my heart.  Parker is so tender and sweet with Sydney, he truly adores her.

We also had three birthday parties last week and this is my favorite picture from them all!  
Silly boy!

Friday night marked a milestone...Parker had his very first sleepover.  His cousin Blake came over and boy did they have a blast!  The night included: boys being boys, pizza, chocolate cake, a movie and even donuts the next morning!  Success!

A little blurry but still cute!

My little Baylor girl!

We got this new hammock for the backyard. It's not your typical hammock, it's called a Kammok and it's meant to sleep in when camping (look it up online).  Pretty cool!  Here are my three loves in it!

On Monday of this week Parker went to the dentist which happens to be Uncle Steve!  He did so great, not one tear shed like last year!

He would not however let the hygienist  lay the chair all the way back, so she sacrificed her neck and cleaned his teeth in the sitting position.

Being so brave!

All done!

One last thing...I want to give a shout out to Doodle Bugs Paper.
These adorable kitchen stickers came in the mail from them and I'm obsessed!  I take meals to people quite a bit and now I have something really cute to personalize with! 
Check out the website, you won't be disappointed...note cards, stickers, address labels, bag tags, a ton of cute stuff!!

Whew!  I am officially caught up!  Now, if I just won't let myself get that behind again!  ;)

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  1. Love the hodge podge!

    Oh my goodness, Lauren I did the SAME exact thing when I saw the fall and Christmas stuff in HL this morning. I just looked away! Seriously? I'm SO not ready!

    Can't wait to see you SOON!