Wednesday, November 13, 2013

6 months

I say it every month, but I really can't believe our Sydney Kate is already 6 months old (about to be 7).  I feel like she should still be a newborn, why do they have to grow so fast?
6 months and on is my FAVORITE!!  We've kind of made it out of the newborny/needy phase and there is a whole lot of personality going on!
This child adores her brother and wants to watch every move he makes! She is finally SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!  Praise the Lord!  It took us 6 months to get there, but we made it!  I read Dr. Ferber's book "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" and put into practice some of his worked!  I weaned her off that middle of the night feeding and within a week, we had a baby who was sleeping!  (yes there was a lot of crying it out). It's been 6 months since I laid my head down at night and didn't wake up until the next morning.  Do you know how GOOD that feels?  I feel like a new woman!!
Sydney continues to make my heart burst!  I just look at her and remember what heartache we went through trying to get pregnant with her and how I thought I'd never get over one but two miscarriages.  God is so good and faithful, SHE is the perfect daughter for us!

At 6 months Sydney:
* sleeps all night long!
* eats purred fruits and veggies with rice/oatmeal cereal twice a day
* loves to eat her food and will try anything I put in her mouth!
* is rolling all over creation, backwards and forwards
* is working on two bottom teeth
* takes a cat nap in the morning and a long 21/2 hour afternoon nap
* laughs and squeals a very girly squeal
* is in bed by 7 pm and up by 7 am
* is such an easy going baby

We love you Sydney Kate!  You complete our family and bring us such joy!!

6 month portrait
(not sure why a line scanned onto the pic)


  1. She is such a cutie! God is so good and has blessed you so very much!! XOXO

  2. Oh, I pray my littlest is sleeping through the night by 6 months. Good job!