Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall fun!

No, you're not dreaming this...I really am posting twice in one week!!  I told you I would get better at this!  ;)
We have had a really fun Fall.  Pumpkins and more pumpkins, visitors from Dallas, Halloween and the list goes on!  I'm going to catch you up in pictures...

One Saturday morning we went to Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm!
He loved sliding down the dirt hill on a burlap sack.
Jumping with my boy!
Wagon ride!

My little pumpkin
I'm a baby food making machine these days!
Ready for the freezer
She's a fan!
Picnic with daddy one afternoon
My babies
Sydney and Phoebe watching the big kids jump
A little 6 month photo shoot at home
Aunt Lindsey came to visit us one weekend!
She helped us pick out pumpkins!
We love Aunt Lindsey!!

These two...
Ready to put out a fire at a moments notice!
She is always happy!
Mmm, avocado!
He melts me!
Mom, dad, Lindsey and her boyfriend Braz came out to the ranch one weekend!
Girls in the kitchen!
Me, Lindsey and Braz goofing off!
A boy and his John Deer unloading fire wood.
Pumpkin carving with daddy!

Her first Halloween!
My Baylor football player!
Trick or treating with friends at daddy's office

My little lady bug
Trick or treating in the neighborhood!
Have I mentioned that she's always happy?
Celebrating Baylor's big win over OU!  Sic 'em Bears!!
 This girl loves to eat!
He went to the rodeo last Friday night.  When I took his picture he said...
"Mom, I'm not going to smile, I'm going to look like a cowboy."
Wise words from a 4 year old.

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  1. I love that you have blogged twice this week! What a fun fall you guys are having!!