Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some firsts

We've had some firsts going on at our house this past week.  Of course most things that happen are a first for Miss Sydney, but Parker has been involved too!

Parker got his first set of X-rays.
He fell at school and his finger swelled up and turned blue.  It wasn't broken, just badly jammed.  Being a boy mom, I knew X-rays were coming at some point.  Ugh!

First time to see this beauty!  It was parked in front of our Walmart Saturday morning.  Doesn't it crack you up?

First time Parker really got into decorating.  He is definitely his mother's son.  He stayed by my side the whole day and decorated the entire house with me, I love it!!

Ta da!

Little Miss sitting in her high chair for the first time.  We got it down from the attic when we were decorating.  She loves it!  She looks so big.  Tear.

She loves her boys!!

It is a blessing to get to spend everyday with these two!

First time eating blueberries in her oatmeal, it was a hit!

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