Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10 months

So Sydney turned 11 months old on March 18th and I realized that I never did her 10 month post.  Sigh.  One day I will be more on top of this blog…one day.  ;)

Sydney Kate, you change every day and I can't handle it!  You are growing up before our eyes and are literally taking off.  We get a kick out of your laugh, it kind of sounds like a hyena or something, it's hysterical and cute at the same time!  You have gotten so fast at crawling and are into everything!  I love how curious you are and how you love to "help" me by grabbing everything from my hands and doing it yourself!

At 10 months Sydney…
*  basically sleeping all night
*  takes a 21/2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon
*  loves to eat finger foods by herself
*  favorites include string cheese, cheerios, strawberries, yogurt, waffles and squeeze pouches filled with any vegetable imaginable!
*  still nurses about 4 times a day
*  loves books
*  has two teeth
*  is obsessed with her paci still
*  has enough hair to put clip bows in!!

Our happy girl!!

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