Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christmas 2016

I can't move forward with my blog until I post about Christmas...better late than never right?  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I will let the pictures do the talking!  I have to get this post accomplished so I can print my blog book for 2016!!  We love going through these books each year, it's like a scrapbook without all that work! ;)

2nd grade class Christmas party!
I love this boy so much and love being his room mom!
Christmas morning at the top of the stairs waiting to go down to see what Santa brought!!
New "make-up"!  
Stockings by the fire!
Roller skates...oh Santa, what were you thinking??
It's a tradition that our awesome neighbor across the street does something wild for the kids.  Last year he had goats in his backyard that they chased around.  This year it was pony rides in a little carriage!  Oh what fun!!
Dec. 26th we were off to Dallas to celebrate with my family!
And oh what fun we had!
Lots of shopping, eating, family time, bowling, the list goes on!  Dallas never disappoints when your whole family lives there and the town you are visiting from is a bit smaller! ;)
It was perfectly warm for days outside!!
My kiddos got to meet their second cousins while we were there.  Those cutie pie twins were adorable!
Hanging out at the bowling alley!  Anytime we are in Dallas, Parker wants to bowl.  It's his favorite, go involves a ball and this kid is just about as competitive as they come.  When you play with P you have to bring your A game!
Being silly with Uncle Ryan!
About to ice skate with this one...I was nervous for the both of us.
Success, it was so much fun!
Our whole group in front of that awesome tree at the Galleria!
We came home to a big snow!  The kids were still out of school so it was a bonus snow day!
That's a wrap 2016, cheers to 2017!
We are already half way through January, whoo hoo!!  Almost one month closer to summer y'all!!

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  1. I just love the Christmas pictures!! I'm glad you went back and added them :).