Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meeting Waco

So our dog, Waco, has been an only "child" and queen bee for the past four years.  We love this dog and still do but she thinks she's been dethroned.  Our attention is not fully on her anymore and this is quite upsetting for the dog.  If only I knew how to record her constant whining and post it too, you would be saddened and disturbed by this "forgotten" animal! :)  She still gets food and water daily and even taken to the park, so don't let her fool you.  We finally gave her a much needed bath and let her in for the first time to meet Parker.  

Waco came into the nursery and found me rocking Parker.  Oh the whining that followed!

Still whining, me trying to keep her quiet.

Still whining...side note: this WAS the spot where Waco's bed was, it got moved to the other side of the t.v. room.  Don't feel sorry for her.

She kept looking back at us and then starring at Parker.

My little sweet pea

He was puckering up in his dream. :)

Already watching Sunday afternoon golf with dad.
(Seems like golf on t.v. has the same affect on Parker as it does me!)


  1. Waco will LOVE Parker once he moves to the high chair!!!

  2. Oops ... in case you don't know a Jim, my brother was signed in to my computer!!