Thursday, June 4, 2009

Parker's first week at home

I cannot believe that a week ago today Parker was born, time is already going too fast!  Pure joy is the only way I can describe this little one!  We have had some great first days at home and I know I could not have done any of it without my mom!  She has been such a huge help to me as I've recovered and learned the ropes of being a first time mommy!   This week has been so much fun having visitors, dinners brought to us, quality time with mom and Parker and of course seeing James go straight to Parker when he gets home from work.  Here are some pictures we've taken from this week...

Bringing him home from the hospital

First time in his crib, I've looked at that empty crib for months just waiting to see
a  little baby in it!

First bath

Much needed nap time

Enjoying some awake time

Meeting great grand-parents, Mema and Papa for the first time.
They drove all the way from Dallas to meet him this week!

Mom and I had a little photo shoot one afternoon, couldn't resist!

Sweet Heidi came over to visit one afternoon.  Her bundle of joy is due very soon
and Parker can't wait to meet his best friend!

First outing at the park, I had to get outside! :)

One VERY happy and muddy dog!  

Mom and Parker at the park.

So handsome!

Brie and Heidi brought dinner one night...thank you girls!!

Mom about to go to the airport  :(


  1. PRECIOUS!!! I still cannot get over that full head of hair! What a blessing to have your mom there. I still tear up when I think about the day my mom left me alone. Looks like you've got the hang of being a mom - I'm filled with joy for you and cannot wait to talk soon (when you're not getting those little naps in)

  2. Look at that sweet hair!! He's just precious!!