Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another birthday weekend

This past weekend we went back out to the ranch to celebrate Liesl's birthday (James's cousin). The whole Austin fam was there along with Liesl's boyfriend, Sloan, her roomate, Hannah, and Hannah's boyfriend, Ross. We had a great time!
On Friday night after dinner, we played tennis until midnight and then went swimming until 1 am. We had plenty of pool time and of course awesome food. That place is so relaxing but somehow I always come home needing a nap for several days! :) As usual, I didn't take near enough pictures!

Parker's first trip to the Redriver Steakhouse.
I use the term "steakhouse" loosely. This is a cool barn restaurant in McLean, TX about 14 miles from the ranch. It's basically the only place to eat nearby and the Austin family has been going there forever. The food is great and the beef is very fresh! :)

Celebrating Liesl's birthday Friday night.

There is a live band in the background and Parker kept turning around in his high chair to watch them play. I think he likes guitars!

Waiting on his steak...just kidding! He had a grilled cheese and cucumbers off my salad! :)

A beautiful evening Friday night.

The men eating, I mean cooking the bacon.

The hot cook! :)

If you look closely, you can see duck tape on Ruben's rubber boot. A deer blind fell on them last weekend and sliced it, good thing his foot wasn't hurt!
I think he likes the tape look, it goes with the boots, the hat and glasses! If you can't tell from Ruben's outfit, he's quite the funny guy... he keeps us laughing for sure!

Hanging out with Hannah on the porch waiting for breakfast.

Love those baby blues!

Big yawn, it was only 9 am but we had been playing hard already!

Playing with Ruben's cool cowboy hat!

Playing with Uncle Luke
The guitar behind Luke is what Sloan gave Liesl for her birthday. Sloan is next to the guitar.

That was fun!

We are off to Possum Kingdom Lake this coming weekend to water ski with friends, pictures to come!!


  1. Hi!! My name is Tori Townsend Smith. James used to come stay with us in the summer as our dads were great friends and business partners. My dad was killed in 1994 and I probably haven't seen anyone since then. Please tell Jim, Ann, James, & Luke hello for me. Follow our blog at scoutsmithscoop.blogspot.com

  2. And my name is Tandy Townsend Adams. I'm Tori's older sister. I have many fond memories with the Austins. Our Dad, Jerry and Jim were great friends. We also lived on the Franklin ranch in the early 80s. I loved swimming in the pool (actually I think it was new then). I have enjoyed looking at your blog and all the pictures from the ranch! I love blogging too.... My blog is kdtadams.blogspot.com and please tell everyone hello!