Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family fun

Last week my parents and sister came to the ranch to play and boy did we have fun!! They arrived Tuesday night and we woke up Wednesday going full steam ahead. It was so wonderful to be with my family, I miss living in the same town as them so much. They were such a huge help with Parker, thank you, thank you!! It was nice to have my hands free for a while! ;) Luke and Meredith's family came out for the weekend so we got to have fun with them as well!
Here are some pics from our week...
By the way, if you are looking for pics from our Possum Kingdom trip, so sorry. I did not take ONE picture. Shame on me! We were around the water and in and out of the boat way too much to drag my camera around! :) Rest assured we had a great time and got some great water skiing in!

Love the hair!!

Not sure why Waco chose to lay on the hot concrete as opposed to swimming in the pool!?

Big splashes in the little pool!
He LOVES the water if you can't tell!

Here is sister doing what she does best! :) She has no idea I took this!

Sleepy boy

Cuddle time in the hammock. There are some serious naps that take place in this hammock!

Parker swimming with Neesie and Grandad

Kisses to Neesie

Four wheeling with Aunt Sissy
Already sucking his thumb and ready to call it a day. All that playing is hard work!

I love my sister!

Me and my little man

All grins with Neesie!

I can push this jogger all by myself!

Swimming with Grandad

We were trying out this little ring float but he didn't like it too much. I think it's because it was pink!

Goldfish break!

Look at those teeth coming in!!

Cruisin' the pool furniture

These storm clouds rolled in on Friday night and they looked incredible!

Saturday morning the boys shot skeet on the dam of the lake.
Here is dad in the middle of a shot.

Lindsey getting pointers from dad. She had a great shot. I on the other hand hate guns and refuse to shoot. I don't like the way it kicks my shoulder...I'm a self proclaimed sissy when it comes to guns! :)

Go Lindsey!



Parker had so much fun playing with his cousins at the pool!

Katherine, Faith and Adelynn (Luke and Meredith's girls) riding their "boat".

Me and Lindsey with Faith, Parker, Katherine and Blake

This giant green slide is hilarious! We blew it up on Saturday and had a ball sliding down it into the pool! The adults even had fun with it!


  1. What a FUN time - you always seem to have a blast at the ranch and I just love seeing pictures of your family and Parker - looks like he's lots of fun as well and going to be a little fishy! Miss you girl - we've got to get together the next time you're in town!!

  2. Great to hear from you!! Maybe we could bump into you guys someday. You should also check out my sister Tandy's blog.

  3. What fun! I love seeing pics of your family! Glad ya'll were able to be outside so much.

    That green slide is hilarious. Love you!

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  5. Parker is such a little cutie!!!! LOve the pics