Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parker's first birthday: Part two

The fun continued through the weekend celebrating Parker's first birthday! We headed out to the ranch on Friday and my parents, grandparents and Ryan and his family drove up from Dallas for the fun! It was so special having them all there!
James's family was there as well, we had the whole gang!! It was the most beautiful weekend, not too hot, sunny and just perfect! Not only did we celebrate Parker, but we had plenty of pool time, riding four wheelers, games in the evenings and of course, tons of food!! It was a fabulous weekend!

My birthday boy eating his first "Flinson". A family recipe that is like a cross between a pancake and a crepe. It's tradition to have them on Saturday mornings.

Everyone just hung out and played Saturday morning. This is Leah with her eye on the pool!

And there she goes!

Bad shadows I know, but here is Mema and Papa enjoying the arbor by the pool.

Me and my sweet mom

Ryan and mom

Ruben and Olivia
Their little "bunny" is due August 4th!

My water dog doing her laps in the pool. She gets in and swims laps back and forth from end to end. She is part otter I always tell her.

Dad filling up the basketball goal...some serious games take place in this pool!

For the birthday lunch we had grilled chicken sandwiches on ciabatta rolls with basil pesto, roasted red bell peppers and avocado...a delicious sandwich if I do say so myself! :)

Love the colors of the fruit salad

Sweet boy enjoying his lunch

Mommy and daddy with the birthday boy

The little barnyard cake and cupcakes I made!

This picture cracks me up! It's like he's licking his chops and knows exactly what his plan of attack is going to be! By the end of this whole deal, we were all laughing until we were crying!

A little dip of the finger and taste of icing.

Forget using my hands...

I'm going for it!!


I'd say he enjoyed every single bite!
We went straight to the bath tub after this!
I have video of this...does anyone know how to take video from my little Sony camcorder and put it on my blog??

Present time!
It was really me doing all the opening, Parker was busy chewing on the cards and playing with the bows!

Parker and Leah having some serious fun in their own little pool!

They provided some great entertainment for everyone! :)

This was Mema and Papa's first trip to the ranch, it was so much fun having them there to join in on the fun!

Cute Mema in the mule.

James, Ruben and Steve launching the canoe into one of the ponds.
A Saturday at the ranch can't be complete without a project!

Wee! Ruben looks a little scared going in!

One of the overflow pipes was clogged, James was trying to unclog it with a pool pole...he was successful!

Mom, Carrie, Mema and Leah watching the fun!

Sweet niece!

Neesie and her grandbabies.

The ranch house

I love how green everything is! The ranch has had 16 inches of rain since the beginning of the year!

View of the pool house from the ranch house yard.

Parker and Friday watching all the action! He will be on a tractor or mower helping out before I can blink an eye. :(

Hot hubby on the tractor


  1. What fun! Great party with wonderful details, Lauren! You outdid yourself!

    Parker looks a lot like James to me in these pics. ; )

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!!! Tell your mommy that we need to hang out more before you get any bigger!!! That party was so cute - very creative Lauren - I'm impressed. The ranch looked so fun and peaceful - God is good!

  3. The house is beautiful, Parker is adorable, I LOVE your cupcake barnyard-so creative and the cutest thing I have ever seen. Happy Birthday to your little one!