Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold days

I don't know about you, but January and February are the coldest, slowest, and most non-eventful months of the year for us. I'm not complaining, just saying that there's not a whole lot going on around our house. It's so stinkin cold outside, so we've been having lots of fun inside with new Christmas toys! I think we've also hit up every place in Amarillo that has an indoor play area this week! Thank goodness for sweet friends who like to meet up and play with us!

My little busy body!

Mema and Papa (great-grandparents) gave Parker this awesome tent with a tunnel that goes with it. Since every room in our house has been over taken with toys, I set the tunnel part up in the guest bedroom just to see how he would like it. He will look inside the tunnel but refuses to go through it. I even wiggled my way through it to show him how you come out the other end...nope. We are working on this, maybe by Spring he will overcome his fear and go in! :) He does think it's fun to throw all his trucks inside of it and then watch mommy crawl in and get them out!

"I see you mom, but I'm not gettin' in there!

He is obsessed with stacking blocks.

This is right before nap time, he likes to sleep without his britches!

Making a phone call on his toy phone.

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  1. I'm with you, girl! I'm just glad when the sun is shining. ; ) It helps a little bit.

    Of course it's more fun to watch you crawl in and out getting his trucks. Boys love to see their mamas doing these things for some reason!