Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Must Do Situation!

Hurry!! Go to the grocery store, get in your kitchen and make THIS chicken tortilla soup! It is from the Pioneer Woman's cooking blog and it's divine goodness!! I made it for dinner last night and we couldn't get enough of it. It's so easy and you can garnish it a thousand ways! I added rice to ours because James likes "thicker" soups and then I put diced green onion, diced avocado, sour cream and cheese on top! YUM!!!! You must make this soon! :)

And now for some cuteness! My little man LOVES to vacuum the floors just like his mama! When I ask Parker if he wants to vacuum, he runs to the closet door where it's stored and stands there banging on the door until I get there. Then, as I go around vacuuming, he has to push something around as well. He rotates between three different push toys in the time it takes me to vacuum the whole house! Maybe his wife will appreciate his love of vacuuming one day! ;)

So excited mommy got the vacuum out!!

Making sure everything is connected.

Following me with his lion.

Moving on to the grocery cart to keep up with mommy!

Upset that I am putting it away. He cries when it goes back in the closet!

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