Sunday, January 23, 2011

Such a boy!

Parker is definitely keeping us on our toes these days! He runs everywhere, climbs on everything, throws anything in his hands and LOVES to watch his daddy do anything outside! James is building a desk (more like a drafting table) and Parker was right there to help this afternoon. It was really cute to watch Parker be such a big "helper"! ;)

Parker babbling James's ear off. He was letting daddy know exactly how to do it!

Something about boys and tools...they just go together! :)


Parker kept running out of the garage into the backyard to harass Waco...poor dog. She kind of tucks her tail and runs for the hills when she sees Parker!

He plays with her toys...

and even drinks her water.
Don't worry, I jumped up and caught him before he got his face in it!!

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  1. Don't worry, Z has eaten some of Riley's dog food when I wasn't looking. ;) Cute pics!