Sunday, August 7, 2011

A new sport

Since James was out of town all weekend, Parker and I hooked up with several friends and played to keep us busy!  I was terrible about taking pictures, but I did pull my camera out Saturday afternoon when we were out at the Palo Duro Club with some friends.  Parker and True found a new sport they love...

 Tennis with swim gear!

 Now, if this isn't a look, I don't know what is!?

 These two had more fun going from the swimming pool to the tennis courts and then to the playground! True never took his goggles off!  :)

 I think we will be adding a junior tennis racket to our array of sporting equipment!

 Striker, the dog, chased the balls on the other side of the fence.  T and P thought is was fun to tease him by throwing it at the fence and watching Striker try and catch it...such a boy thing to do!

 Action shot

 And now a moment to brag on my husband.  Despite this heat, he has managed to keep the front of our house looking awesome!  James has such a green thumb and a love for landscaping!

Lantana, potato vine, Indian feather grass

 Purple feather grass

 The side patio
I planted a grape tomato plant and they are finally turning red!!

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