Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A ranch wedding

On Saturday, Liesl, James's youngest cousin, married Sloan Everett.  They both went to Baylor but met at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas.  It was SO much fun meeting Sloan's family and all of their Baylor friends!
It was a gorgeous wedding out at the ranch and it went off without a hitch!  It was Liesl's dream to get married out there and it was just picture perfect...the pics don't do it justice!

 The wedding day started off with a rehearsal.  I LOVE that the ceremony took place down by the ponds with cows in the background!

 Then it was time for the bridal luncheon by the pool!  All the girls were in their swimsuits and got to lay out or swim after lunch!  They guys had a hot dog cookout by the lake followed by some serious basket ball, tennis and frisbee golf games!

 It was the best, most relaxed bridal luncheon!

 The pretty plate...chicken salad, apricot jello salad, strawberries and cheddar "cookies".

Two of the four flower girls, Adelynn and Katherine, hanging out on the hammock during the lunch.  

 While Meredith and I helped host the luncheon, my mom, dad and sister, kept Parker and Blake very busy!  :)

 Jane and Ann arriving at the lunch!
They rented golf carts and that is how the guests rode over to the wedding once they parked their cars.

 Enjoying a sugar cookie by the pool!

 Picture time!  Liesl with her bridesmaids.
Sloan has FIVE sisters, so that was the majority of the bridal party!  ;)

 The flower girls

 House party
Most of these girls were friends of Liesl's from Baylor.

 My husband in a bow tie for the first and possibly last time!  ;)

 20 handsome groomsmen, yes, 20...Sloan didn't want to cut anyone out, so he combined his ushers and groomsmen and had them all stand in the wedding.  It looked great since it wasn't in a church, there is a lot of space to fill in the outdoors!

 The boys
James, Ruben, Sloan, Luke and Tripp

 My lovely sister!

 Parker and Grandad had lots of fun during the wedding...dad watched him run up and down a hill with Blake during the ceremony!

 Here comes the bride!

 Mr. and Mrs. Sloan Everett

 I loved the back of her dress!

 Mom and Lindsey
 Family picture time!!
Parker loves to say "cheese" for the camera now!

 The Jim Austin family

 The entire Austin/Franklin family

 The Austin cousins and their sons!

 James and Lindsey
These two have too much fun together!

 What does a two year do when all of these pictures are being taken?  Why climb trees of course!

 The reception tent before everyone poured in!

 Loved the flowers on all the tables.

 Each place setting had a name card with a jar of homemade wild plum jelly from the ranch made by yours truly!  :)

 The tent looked awesome all lit up at night!

 Me and my wonderful parents!  

 My two boys having a blast!

 Can you tell how much fun he had?
He ran and ran and ran during the reception out in the grass with all the other kids.  Who needs food when you have all that wide open space to run?


  1. Beautiful! Everything looks perfect. Love your dress!

  2. Sorry, commented about the wedding on the wrong post...but wanted to add "where's my plum jelly Betty Crocker?"

  3. Yeah I completely agree that The Ranch is an amazing place to host wedding parties and other events. I have been to several events at Chicago wedding venues and most of them had been hosted at The Ranch. Anyways, thanks for this post.