Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday weekend

My birthday celebration continued on into the weekend!  Actually...anyone in the Austin family with an August birthday was celebrated at the ranch.  Juliet, Tripp and I all have August birthdays and yes, that meant three separate birthday cakes!  :)  Mine was chocolate on chocolate of course, is there any other kind of cake?  As always, we had a great time together!

In a nutshell, this is what we did...

 First thing Saturday morning, Parker took off with his dump truck!

 Then Blake and Parker rode in the John Deer together.

 Ruben's parents came all the way from Miami for the birthday girl!

 We had a first...a breakfast picnic at the lake complete with flinson and bacon!

The kids had fun playing on the dock!

 Sloan and Liesl fished.

 James giving the boys a four wheeler ride!

 Of course Parker played baseball.

 Steve helped P perfect his swing.

 More John Deer riding.

 Faith drove James and P in the razor (the newest motorized 
toy out there).
 The birthday girl, Juliet!

 We had her party at the pool house!

 We even had a pinata!
Liesl was spinning Ruben here.

You can only imagine how funny this was!

 Luke took a swing or two.

 So did Faith!

 Faith and P

 We just hung out in the cool grass for a while and chatted it up!

 We ended the weekend with a game of frisbee golf on Sunday morning.

 Parker definitely got in on the action!

 Parker with Tripp and Luke.
He followed us around and hit every flag with his frisbee, he was a very serious player!  :)

 The whole gang!

Somehow I didn't get a pic of my beautiful chocolate birthday cake made by Ann, but I can assure you it was delicious!  It's my all time favorite and you can get the recipe here.

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