Friday, August 19, 2011

Thirty one

Yes, it happened.  On August 17th, which was Wednesday, I turned 31.  I have mixed feelings about this age.  I mean, turning thirty was fun and exciting but now, I feel like anything over thirty is "getting up there"!  Ha!  I know I know, I'm still young, but being over thirty is just different somehow.

BUT...despite me not liking the number I was turning, my sweet friends made me feel so special!  We had a fun little swim party complete with sweets and all!  Thank you girls for such a fun afternoon!  I'm blessed to have you as friends!

 Amanda, me, Julie and Jennifer

 The kids had more fun in the hot tub than anything!  No, it was not hot!
Um, wet wipe please!

 Chloe taking her first bite!

 The fun balloons were a mother-in-law, Ann, had these set up when we got there!

 Sweet sisters Olivia and Charlotte

 Amanda outdid herself with the wonderful fruit and homemade cheesecake which I didn't take a picture of.


 Olivia jumping in!

Cooper was all about his little surf board!

A just for fun pic...
Can you tell Parker was tired riding home from the park?  He played basketball so hard and ran with his dump truck, he barely had enough energy to eat lunch!


  1. Glad you had such a special birthday!!! You are loved! Girl, it's only getting BETTER after 30!!!

  2. So happy you felt special on your big day! You deserve it. Love you.