Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Broadmoor

Last Thursday we had a wonderful opportunity to travel up to Colorado Springs and stay at the Broadmoor hotel with James's family.  After such a scorcher of a summer, the cooler temps and mountain air were just what we needed!  We had a great time enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the scenery surrounding this unique hotel.

 Love this place!

 Going to dinner our first night there.

 Parker wasn't feeling well here, he just wanted to go to bed.  He did great through dinner though!

 Bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning!

 These two have some serious fun together!

 Scooters and dump trucks taking over the grounds!

 Blake and Parker took a break from running to watch a lawn mower on the golf course.

 Parker explored the landscape.

 Watching the geese and swans.
Then we found the playground!

My favorite pic!

After the guys finished golfing, they babysat while the girls went to the spa!!  Words can't describe my 70 minute massage and pedicure!

After the spa we met up with our loves for dinner!
Me with Katherine

 The next morning as we were playing, Parker found a fountain to get nice and wet in.

 We met the boys on the golf course to watch them tee off!
 The golfers

 Good form James!  :)

 Parker LOVES to watch golf.  He was getting some pointers here from daddy.

 Watching Uncle Luke tee off.
Parker threw a small fit when daddy drove off in the golf cart without him.
And here's another fit.  He's into those these days.  

Once Parker composed himself, he and Blake took the course by storm with their dump trucks!  We were kindly asked to get off the greens after this!  :)

 Pool time in the afternoon!

 This little fellow here is named Ruger.  He is part lab and part German Short-hair pointer.  He is an employee of the Broadmoor and his only job description is to chase the geese off the sidewalks so they don't poop on them.  What a job!  Ruger was so much fun to watch!

 All the kids eating mac and cheese with the babysitter before the adults went out for dinner Sat night!
All wound up for the sitter!
I love this...Katherine brushing her teeth on the counter!

 Ahh, dinner without kids!  What a treat!!

 Jim and Ann
 Luke and Meredith

Sunday morning before we left, we hit the playground so the kids could burn off some energy before the 6 hour car ride home.

The adults burned off energy too!  :)

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