Monday, September 19, 2011

First golf game!

I think if you ask Parker what his favorite part of our weekend was, he'd say Saturday evening!  Since James was out of town, Ann asked Parker and I to ride along in the golf cart as Jim and Steve played.  We had so much FUN watching Parker play his first "round" of golf!
Just as a last thought, I threw in Parker's little plastic golf club...boy am I glad I did!  I think we have a natural on our hands!
We arrived as they were teeing off on hole #6.  This two year old kid played 12 holes of golf and never ONCE lost focus.  He's the cutest little golfer I've ever seen in my life!!  ;)

A little shy at first!

 Warming up

 Getting the hang of it,

 Jim and Steve had him riding with them in their cart.  As soon as the cart stopped, P was out and ready to hit!

 In the middle of the fairway.  Nice form little man!  :)

 The three golfers!


 Steve showing Parker the ball washer.

 Water break

 Tackling a sand trap.


 Watching Steve tee off!

 Parker's turn to tee off!

 Off they go after their balls.  I love the green club head sticking out of the cart here!

Here's to many more games of golf Parker!  Nice job!!

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  1. OK. This is hands down the cutest post you've ever done. Period. I mean, that kid is so cute!!! I can't wait to see more pics of Parker golfing in the future!!