Monday, September 5, 2011

And just like that...

summer is gone.  :(  Labor day weekend is always fun, but if you know me well, you know I hate to see summer go!  We've had such a brutally hot and dry summer this year that in all honesty, I'm really glad Fall is here!  And boy is it here!  All it took was one big cold front over the weekend and we got to bust out the jackets and jeans!!  40's in the morning and 70's in the afternoon feels COLD when you're used to triple digits, but it's divine and we'll take it!!!

As always, we celebrated Labor day weekend at the ranch with family and friends!  Here is a glimpse of the fun we had...

 Up and at 'em early Saturday morning ready to roll!

 Any guesses on what this creature is?
James, Steve, Ruben and I went varment hunting late Friday night and this was a casualty.  This little guy killed a tree in the yard, so he had to go.  :(

 The fur is deceiving and I had NO idea this animal had "beaver teeth" like that!
Waco was very interested!

 A porcupine!!  Under all that fur are razor sharp quills!
This picture doesn't quite show how sharp those are or how many there are!  Just ask Waco how sharp they are; a few summers ago she went running with me and came out of the woods with a snout full of them!  It took a pair of pliers to pull them out!

 Me and my boy!  He was proudly sporting his BU shirt to celebrate our big victory over TCU Friday night!  Sic Em!!

 Saturday afternoon, our good friends Shane, Brie and Blair Brooks came out to spend the rest of the long weekend with us!

 The guys!

 Sweet Blair

 Uncle Steve helping Parker make a basket!

I don't have pics of this...but around 7:00 Saturday night when the rest of the family was packing up to leave and Shane and James went out in the field to dove hunt, a big thunderstorm rolled in and it RAINED!!  It rained and rained and Brie and I sat out on the back screened in porch with the kids and just watched it.  One of the best moments of the whole summer!   Needless to say, around 8:30 that night we had two drenched husbands show up at the house...with no birds.

 I love bath time pics!  ONE day, Parker and Blair will have so much fun looking back at this photo!  They had a ball together!

 Sunday morning we woke up to fabulous cool temps, damp air and cloudy skies!
We loaded up and headed out on a mule/four wheeler ride.

 The Brooks family!

 The guys loaded up some deer feeders with corn.

Cranking it back up.

 Parker and Blair went exploring in the woods together while the deer feeders were being filled.

 So cute!

 Watching the deer feeder.
Like a true gentlemen, Parker let Blair wear his jacket because she was cold!  ;)

 Me with Brie

Happy fall ya'll!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast, so jealous you got one more time in the pool, I was hoping to here but too cold. That bathtub picture is priceless!

  2. That porcupine is hilarious...OK, no more jokes about me being from the sticks of Louisiana...YOU just caught a porcupine!