Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of MDO!

A tale of day one of MDO...
The day finally arrived!!  Parker started Mother's day out today and we could not have been more excited!  Parker was pumped this morning as we got dressed and made a big deal out of his new back pack, lunch box and nap mat.  Things were good on the way there...then I dropped him off.  Oh the tears that ensued.  It was quite the scene, one I'd rather not relive.  His teacher had to peel him off of me, screaming and kicking.   This was followed by crying myself all the way to the gym.  I felt horrible.  I mean, this is not something we HAVE to do.  I felt guilty through my workout but I got OVER IT once I got home and had the whole silent house to myself!!!!  I even went out to the mall to shop for Parker's Fall clothes and strolled at my own pace, awesome!  I picked a very happy Parker up at 2:30 and then took him for ice cream to celebrate the day!

 A very excited boy!

 Nap mat and lunch box ready to go!

 He was running up and down the driveway, so I had to corner him at the fence to get a picture!

 On the way...he was getting nervous here.  It's like he knew we weren't going to play at the gym.
What unfolded after was not picture worthy...just picture a screaming toddler and a crying mommy.

This is blurry, but this is after I picked him up!  He was so excited and ran out into the hall to pose with his favorite zebra.  It's a little wooden zebra that sits in the hallway for decoration and P LOVES it!

 Heidi and I took Parker and Jack for ice cream.  Two tired boys waiting for dessert.  Neither one of them napped.



  1. Bless your heart! This will be so good for him though and he looked so handsome!!!

  2. Yea! I'm so excited for Parker, but even moreso for you! Isn't it nice to have a few moments of quiet in the day? Miss you lots!