Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July fun!

I love everything about the 4th of July...the heat, friends, family, swimming pools that are always involved and of course...really good food!   When I think of the 4th, I always go to that scene in "The Sandlot" where they are having a neighborhood cookout, a pick up baseball game and fireworks with "America the Beautiful" being sung in the background...just classic!  Here are some pics from the special day...

We started off the morning in downtown Canyon at the parade!
This was Parker's first parade and quickly got excited when he learned candy was involved!

 We met up with my friend, Julie and her daughter, Chloe!  These two always have fun together!

 Parker loved all the tractors...there were just a few!  ;)

 They held hands all the way back to the car, it was so sweet!

 After resting for a bit, we were off to the next event!  Our good friends Shane and Brie had us and some other friends over for a good ole cookout, swimming, fellowship and fireworks!
Blair and Parker had a blast together!

 We even busted out some sparklers and let the kids wave them around!

 I always love watching fireworks with my hubby!

 The girls...Lindsay, me and Brie

 The guys...Seth, Shane and James

 Cutie pie loved the fireworks.

Happy 4th of July!!

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