Saturday, July 14, 2012

Girls game night!

Every other month, our little group of girls gets together for game night.  We play the same game every time, called Pokeno.  It's like Bingo and we play for gifts, then we have a round to steal gifts and the last round is for the pile of $$!  You can bet there is a ton of giggling, talking and goofing off!  I hosted it this month and our theme was the Olympics.  Everyone always has to come dressed according to the theme and these girls did not disappoint!

 Since the theme was "Olympics", I did a variety of international foods!

 For the food labels, I printed off the flag of each country that was represented with the food.

 We had a variety of sports represented, but swimming seemed to steal the show!  ;)
Amanda, Dana, Julie, Keely and Lindsay

This is one serious game-playing group!  Ha!


  1. SO much fun! Wish I could have been there. ; ) I have no doubt the food was fabulous!