Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July part 2

So we continued the celebrating into the weekend with a big bash out at the ranch!  The whole Austin family came which meant about 34 people were there by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around!  There were kids, kids and more kids which was so much fun!  We had a full weekend of lots of eating, late nights playing basketball and tennis on the court, fishing, four wheelers, frisbee, fireworks and of course, swimming!  I think everyone left exhausted because we played so hard!  :)

 First thing Saturday morning the boys found their most prized possessions!

 James, Luke and Tripp had an early morning fish.  I joined them later and within 5 minutes of hopping on the boat, I caught a bass!  ;)

 Katherine, Parker and Geefather

 Steve driving Faith, Juliet, Sloan, Parker and Blake in the mule

 A little potty training in action! ;)  Parker loves going tee tee in the grass at the ranch!

 Blake with Jett, Sloan and Liesl's dog

 The whole gang playing a very hot game of frisbee golf.  In fact, we only made it through five out of the nine holes before we all bailed and jumped into the pool!

 Juliet and Katherine

 This was classic...Parker having a meltdown over Blake riding in the back of his tractor!

 Parker enjoyed playing "ladder golf" by the pool.  Golf balls were involved so he was all over it!

 Ruben going down the slide with all the kids!

 Katherine and her pink goggles were hysterical!

 The second cousins had a blast together!

 It just wouldn't be right without a vicious game of pool basketball!

That afternoon while everyone was still in the pool...James, Luke, Tripp, Travis and Sloan all snuck off and drove to McLean where Jim's airplane was parked.  The guys flew over the ranch several times and dropped parachutes with bags of candy for all the kids!  It was the cutest thing ever to see all the kids running after their loot!!
 Parker and Jack waiting on the airplane to show up!  Jack's daddy is a cowboy and Jack is following in his footsteps!  ;)

 Here they come!!

 The first ones to the parachute

 Faith made sure all the candy was divided up evenly!

 Molly (Tripp's new girlfriend) with Juliet

 Luke made a pretty cool fireworks table to shoot from.  We had an awesome firework show that night once it was dark!

 Liesl, Olivia, Meredith with Benjamin and me

 The kids watching Luke do some practice fireworks!  Notice Blake...he always had his ears covered!

 While we waited for nightfall, we even had a little game of croquet going.

 Here's Parker dominating his chocolate cake!

  Sparklers for the kiddos!

By Sunday I was too tired to pull my camera out but I did get the birthday girl blowing out her candles!  Happy birthday Meredith!

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