Monday, July 2, 2012

Family fun!

This past week was so much fun because we have been out at the ranch with mom, dad and Lindsey!  They come up every summer to play and this year was no exception.  We really missed Ryan and his family, they were unable to come this time but we are counting on them coming this Fall!  It was HOT so we did most of our activity in the mornings and evenings and spent the rest of the time swimming in the pool!  So thankful to have a family that loves to be together, what a blessing!

 Aunt Lindsey always flies up early to spend some time in town with us!  Parker LOVED having her around.  They were buddies!

 During dinner one night, Parker brought his two favorite stuffed animals and his blue night night and gave them to Lindsey.  He won't let just anyone have those!

 Lindsey, Parker and mom riding in the mule

 We had some beautiful mornings to fish...nice fish dad!

 Lindsey caught one too, small, but we didn't care.  Us girls were just happy to get anything on the end of our pole!  The guys told us that if we didn't talk so much, we might have better luck.  Not the case, we still caught fish!  ;)


 And my big moment came...I caught a big daddy bass and dad had to help me get my finger in it for a pic!

 Biggest fish I ever caught!!  So exciting!

 Lindsey had sympathy for every fish she caught.  She either poked it's eye out with the hook or mangled it's mouth, I'm not sure her making kissing faces made the fish feel any better! ;)

 We had a lot of fun on the four wheelers!

 We even went canoeing one morning!

 Who says you can't push the dump truck on the pier of the lake?  His dump truck goes everywhere!!

 Sweet boy found the fire pit at the lake and was grilling "chicken".

 So this is the smallest fish I've ever seen caught.  Notice the size of the lure and the size of the fish Lindsey caught...I put it in the sardine category!  Ha!

 More canoeing.  Waco likes to follow the canoe across the lake, she makes every move the boat makes.  Funny!

 Mom and Parker doing a great rowing job!

 And as three year olds do, he melted down in a matter of seconds.  

 We ended the week with a fantastic evening on the lake. It was cloudy, "cooler" and just gorgeous!

God's creation is just perfect!

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