Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yesterday I called my dr with some symptoms that weren't too concerning, but still needed to be checked out.  Well...we scored an extra sonogram out of the appointment and I was pumped because we got to see how much our sweet baby has grown!  The sonographer checked what she needed to check and then she said "let's have some fun"!  Loved it!
At 15 weeks we could count 10 toes, the hands didn't stay still long enough to count fingers, we saw 4 heart chambers, all four limbs, etc.  It's just a miracle!  I took pics of the pics with my iPhone so the quality is terrible (that's why we need a scanner), but maybe you can make out some images from what you see!!  Everything ended up being just fine by the way.

Baby Austin at 15 weeks!

 Precious little profile!

Profile, the two white lines are the jaw bones.

This baby is curled up like the letter C.  You can barely see the foot up over his/her head!  The white blob right above the head is a hand.  I love how you can see the whole spine!

Do you see a foot with all five toes?
Already in love!!

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  1. Can't believe how much detail you can ALREADY see!!! Auntie Ashley is already in love as well! Praise the Lord for a healthy little baby.