Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I like Halloween, not because of the candy or costumes, because after it's over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season officially kick into high gear, love it!! The weather was gorgeous today, so we spent all day just playing outside.  Tonight our wonderful church had their annual Fall Festival, so we took Parker to that and then called it a night.  I love walking in the door from something like that and smelling a pot roast that's been going all day, it was calling my name!
 I was just so happy that he actually wore his costume tonight because yesterday at preschool he refused to wear it for costume day.  The highlight of the night was watching Parker have so much fun with all of his little church friends!

 These two buddies played outside quite a bit today!
(don't you love how Waco always looks beyond thrilled, she's a good sport though, Parker even had her wearing goggles at one point today).

Thomas the Train excited to go to the Fall Festival!

Playing games!

Going down the huge blow up slide with his friends!

 Cutie pie!

Excited because he just threw his washer into the hole!

Me and my big 3 year old!
He had so much fun at the carnival.

And for those of you who love baby bump is the first one!  I am officially 4 months along now, woo hoo!  :)


  1. There had better not be Christmas music playing at your house yet. :) And that is NOT a baby bump...that's what my belly looks like after a good meal! Glad it was a fun Halloween...we don't get into the candy or costumes either. :)

  2. Love the baby bump picture! Lookin' good!