Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Afternoon fun

Every afternoon Parker loves to play under his little jungle gym mat. He goes nuts when I put him under it...I had to see for myself what was so cool about this thing. So like a good mommy, I got down on the floor and laid underneath and looked up. Wow, all the things that hang down, lights and music, no wonder he kicks his legs in delight when he's under there! Too cute! We've also been practicing "tummy time". He no longer cries when I put him on his tummy, he will last for about 5 minutes now! My little guy is getting so big!

Under the play mat

Tummy time!

Enjoying his fist


  1. hey lauren! i LOVE you blog...such great pictures. great seeing you in MOPS today. have a great LONG weekend!

  2. What a cutie!! I think he gets cuter and cuter with every picture!