Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Parker's first haircut!

Yes, you read it right! My little bug got his very first haircut today and he is just 3 1/2 months old. I feel like we should be in the Guinness Book of World Records or something because most babies are bald or have peach fuzz at this stage, not getting their first haircut! His hair is adorable but it was getting a little unruly. I love it though and he would not be Parker without all that hair! :)
So the barber we took him to is named Elias, but he goes by Junior. He gave James his first haircut when he was little so it was extra special for James to see Junior cut Parker's hair...I think it just made Junior feel really old! Sweet little man did awesome and he is just as handsome as ever!

What in the world is going on??

Don't go far mom!

Such a good sport. He held on tight to his zebra!

Not happy!

Cutting the back side...much better in daddy's lap!

SO handsome!

Junior, James and Parker

He even got a "My First Haircut" certificate for the baby book!

Parker and Junior after the haircut!
My favorite part was the jar of Dum Dums on the way out...since my chid can't have one yet, I enjoyed one for him!


  1. What a handsome little man - I like the new cut. Yes, I think 3 1/2 months is a record - we had our first cut at 28 months! Miss you friend - it's great to see pictures.

  2. That is hysterical! You really have a little man on your hands :).