Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend and a new toy

It's hard for me to believe that summer is over. I always enjoy Labor day weekend but part of me is sad to see my favorite time of year leave. I love summer so much! However, now that we live in Amarillo and actually get a true Fall season, I get excited about the cooler (not cold) weather, pumpkin spice lattes and pretty leaves that change color! We had a fun weekend out at the ranch bringing summer to a close.
When we got home on Monday, I decided that Parker is old enough to enjoy his little jumperoo toy. I was right, he loves it! His tiny feet barely touch the ground, but he can get his big toe on the ground long enough to push off a jump! He is too fun to watch!

Me and my little man

I've been waiting forever for Parker to get to wear his Oshkosh overalls!! He fit into them for the first time this weekend and it was cool enough for him to wear them, so cute!

James's cousin Katie and her family met us at the creek to cook out hotdogs and shoot off fireworks. Yes, we got rained out on the 4th so we shot them off this weekend!

Parker in his jumperoo

The most kissable cheeks ever!!!


  1. getting big fast - overalls are my most favorite - Anna had one in every size!

  2. SO precious. I can't decide who he looks like!