Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 months old!

Precious Parker, you are 4 months old today! You are growing right before our eyes!
Oh how much more in love mommy and daddy are with you! Your gummy smile makes us melt and your laugh is contagious. Your little personality is really starting to show and you have learned to do so much more...
This month you are obsessed with your hands and have them in your mouth constantly! You still amaze me with how you can completely soak the front of your outfits (and mine) with your drool. You have also started grasping things in your hands and holding on to them. You are fascinated with your pacifier, you pull it out of your mouth and study it so intently. We just need for you to learn how to put it back in your mouth! :)
You love your stuffed zebra and really hold on to him, I have a feeling this might be your animal that you will not be able to part with!
I think we've turned a corner, you no longer scream in your car seat when we go places, mommy has enjoyed listening to music in the car again. You were really good at drowning it out for a while! :)
You can almost roll over, but not quite. You get to your side and then roll back on your back. You have also found your voice, you love to coo and "talk" to us, I love hearing what you have to say. You still get up once in the middle of the night for a feeding, but you are still such a good sleeper...we really appreciate this! :)
You are still the MOST chill and laid back baby. Mommy loves how you just go with the flow! Parker, we love you more and more every single day! What joy you have brought to us!!


My little stud
(with his new haircut)

Those cheeks are irresistibly kissable!

Talking to me while I try and take pics!

So stinkin cute!!

One hand in the mouth, the other holding a foot= contentment


  1. He's definitely a cutie! I'm so glad that you're enjoying each month and phase of his life. Happy 4 months little man!