Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Dallas

What a FUN Christmas this was!! Not only did we get to spend it in Dallas with my family, but this was Parker's first one and oh the memories we made! Parker and I flew there on Friday the 18thand then James drove down on the 22nd. We had a week full of activity. Shopping, the Rockettes, Santa visit, Six Flags Holiday in the Park, family traditions, more shopping and lots of time together with family.
On a down side, my "Dede", my mom's dad, had a stroke on the Friday that Parker and I got there. It affected the right side of his body and he is still in the hospital going through rehab to learn how to use his right arm and leg again and to regain his speech completely. We spent plenty of time up at the hospital cheering him up and cheering him on as he goes through this. I know with prayer and encouragement he is going to make it through this trial. Dede is a real go getter and is very motivated to get better!

We drove back from Dallas on Sunday the 27th and then had Christmas with James's parents at their house. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and it became even more special with having a little one to share the joy with this year! Thanks mom and dad for making it so special for us!!
Get ready, here are LOTS of pics from our fun week...

Arriving at Love Field, Parker greeting his very excited Neesie!

Parker and I went up to the hospital to see Dede when we first arrived in town. He was so glad to see Parker, it cheered him up!

Mom treated Carrie, Lindsey and myself to the Rockettes show. It was fabulous, I've always wanted to see them!

The next day we spent the whole day shopping at North Park. I LOVE this mall and crave it now that I don't live in Dallas. Anytime I come visit it's a must do situation! Parker is such a shopper! Aunt Sissy is such a big help! :)

Parker and Aunt Sissy seeing the ducks

This is one of my favorite pics...dad was so sweet and took Parker the whole time we were shopping at North Park. Parker fell asleep and they just hung out and let us shop!!

That afternoon, Parker and dad got haircuts together. Chalk another one up for Parker, this is number 3!

Pedicures with the girls!

So I had this grand plan of going to see Santa at North Park the day we were shopping there. We arrived at 9:30 am and all the tickets had been given out for the day basically. They told us to come back at 6:30 that night! I had no idea the North Park Santa was so popular...how would I? I'm in Amarillo, TX now where we have one terrible mall and that Santa is your only choice! :) SO, we went to Grapevine Mills mall on the way to Bass Pro Shop one day and we were the FIRST ones in line! This Santa looked just as real!

Waiting in line for Parker's first Santa visit.

Still smiling!

Success! No tears!!

James and Parker patiently waiting on me while I was shopping!

We have gone to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags ever since we were little kids. We have started going again that we are all adults and it's SO much fun!! We had a perfect night, in the 70's and not crowded at all! The next day it was snowing, we timed it perfectly!

The girls and the strollers

My cute mom and dad!

Leah and Parker with Neesie and Grandad

Posing with Frosty!

Riding the carousel.

Goofy sister pic showing off our new Uggs on Christmas Day!

Parker and his presents

Aunt Sissy gave Parker this stuffed monkey that he loved!

She also gave him this Elmer Fudd hat which I think is hilarious!! It's my favorite!

Neesie and Grandad gave Leah and Parker these precious chairs from Pottery Barn kids with their names on them. So cute! Parker is sitting up all by himself now!

So many new toys!

Our first Christmas as a family of three!

The siblings!
Ryan and Carrie with Leah, James and I with Parker and Lindsey.

Christmas with Dede at the hospital

Hanging out in the waiting area Christmas night. Yes, we were that loud family in the waiting area having way too much fun to be in a hospital! :)

Christmas at James's parent's

Loves the bows!

Santa brought him his first little red wagon!

Parker with his Nana and Geefather


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  2. Hi Lauren,
    Love your blog!! I am a Dallas girl, too. And North Park is my favorite place to be in Dallas. I currently live in Temple, so I know how you feel. We have a terrilbe mall here. Parker is such a cutie pie!!