Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This year was Thanksgiving was extra special. Not only did we get to celebrate with a baby, my parents and sister came up for the holiday...(I have not one picture of them in this blog, I will get those from mom and post more later!) It was so much fun to have mom, dad and Lindsey out to the ranch for a huge Austin family Thanksgiving! The weather was perfect, we even played outside in short sleeves!
We have so much to be thankful for and are grateful to God for all of our blessings! Here are just a few pics from last week..

Family pic

Parker's first Thanksgiving

Me, Olivia, Jane and Ann in the kitchen

This picture cracks me up, we were outside trying to get family shots and this one captures us trying to get the kids to smile...notice Meredith using the dog as a prop! :)

The Jim Austin family

Possible Christmas card??

Me and my beautiful sister

Let me explain this one...Tripp's wife Georgina loves doing yoga and she brought DVD's and mats so we could all have a post Thanksgiving meal session. We even had Grandmother Dottie doing it, she's in her 80's!!

It was warm enough to play tennis in the afternoons! This is Liesl and Adelynn on the court.

Jim and Ann and all their grandkiddos!
I think Parker started sliding off the four wheeler at this point, but Jim kept smiling while hanging on to him with one arm! :)


  1. How FUN!!! I love all the pictures. Yes, we need to catch up soon - and I'm talking about over the phone, not through our blogs!!! Hope you're enjoying the holidays - I'm sure you've got Christmas music playing 24-7! HA! One of the things I love best about you.

  2. GREAT photo of you, James and Parker!! I envy your ranch life! do you miss dallas?