Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Park trip

Last Saturday James, Parker and I traveled to Winter Park, CO with some sweet friends from our old Sunday school class in Dallas. Blair and Jenifer Mathews, Dan and Julie Turner and Tim and Holly Griffin were the fun couples we went with and we had such a wonderful time! They all met us in Amarillo and then we took two cars the rest of the way. It was frigid while we were there, but all the more reason to sit by the fire and watch movies, play games, read magazines and fellowship! James and I both LOVE to snow ski so it worked out to where I would stay with Parker in the mornings and then James would take him while I skied in the afternoons with everyone.
By the way, can I just say that Parker was a champ? He made the 10 hour car ride perfectly and just hung out with us the whole that baby!! In his short 6 months of life he's been up to his ears in a life jacket on a boat, sweated his head off in Disney World and froze with us in Winter Parker, such a trooper! :)

Winter Park was hurting for snow, so much of the mountain was closed. However, that didn't stop us from finding some awesome runs and having a great time! I don't have any pics of us on the mountain, it was below zero everyday on the slopes and if you took your glove off for a second, it was impossible to warm your hand back up!! ( I tried that one day when I answered my cell phone, bad idea!!!)

Parker and I found Santa's sleigh one afternoon when we were walking through the Winter Park village to meet everyone for lunch!

Three cute cooks
Jen and Holly made brownies and Julie did the dishes that night!

The boys watching football

Blair warming himself by the fire! :)

Julie, me, Holly and Jen
We had a great time making dinner together every night!
(the lighting in the condo was terrible, this pic is so dark!)

So you know those "high altitude" directions on the back of brownie and cake mixes?
It's true, you must follow those directions! Our brownies did not rise in the middle but they were still delish, just gooey! :)

Sweet baby hanging out on the play mat one morning while everyone skied. We had some great quality time together!

Just chillin in the sink. We got bored one night and wanted to see if Parker could fit in the kitchen sink...not really, we were giving him a bath and he had quite the audience! :)

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  1. how fun! we are taking joshua to park city in january ... i hope he does as well as parker did! oh, and we have those moose pajamas too!