Thursday, December 31, 2009

Parker is 7 months and James turns 30!!

My sweet little bug turned 7 months on December 29th and I cannot believe it! Everyone always told me when he was born to cherish every moment because it will fly by and he'll be walking before you know it. I listened to them but in my mind I thought how can this fly by? Well let me tell you, I've never experienced anything in life that has gone by so fast! I want my baby to slow down and stay a baby a little longer!

Parker, you are more and more fun everyday! This month you have...
Started eating rice cereal and some pureed green beans which you HATE! You spit, spat, gag and cry everytime mommy feeds you. She is wondering if you will ever learn to eat. She has a special chef coat (like they wear on the Food Network) that she wears so she won't wear the meal that you spit back out! :)
You sit up on your own, no support needed. You laugh, grin, squeal, scream and grunt. Your squeals and screams have reached their all time decibel level for sure! When sitting, you reach over like you want to start crawling, it's coming soon!! You are still very laid back and just go with the flow. Your favorite hobby is to bounce in your bouncer OR suck on your big toe! Mommy and daddy LOVED our first Christmas together as a family of three this year, it was so much fun! Parker, you are an amazing blessing and we can't imagine loving anything more! Happy 7 month birthday!!

My squealing 7 month old baby!

We had play group at our house and Parker got to play with his friends Jack and Blair. He showed them all his new toys from Christmas!

Parker and Jack hanging out.

The next day on the 30th, James turned 30 years old! He took it harder than I expected, he just kept saying how sad he was to leave his 20's behind! To make his day special, I invited our close friends to dinner that night and he had no idea! He thought it was going to be just the two of us and when we arrived, they were all there at the table! We had so much fun having an "adult" evening together,;we all got sitters for the babies! Happy 30th sweetie! You're just a spring chicken and you're still my hot hubby! :)

Our friends celebrating with us...
Brad and Heidi Hickman and Shane and Brie Brooks

Me and the birthday hunk!

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