Saturday, January 12, 2013

26 weeks

Time for another update!  I am ending 26 weeks, going on to 27!  Still feeling great and not really having cravings.  I could eat fruit at just about any hour of the day, but that's about it.
Just went to the doctor on Thursday and had a great report.  At the end of it, Dr. Appel said, "see you in two weeks!".  Wait a minute!  Two weeks?  Am I really to that point?  It really is flying by!!  I think having a 3 year old to keep up with helps out with that a bit!  :)
I do feel like this pregnancy has "taken a back seat" so to speak.  I am so much more relaxed...meaning, I don't take the belly pics every week like I did with Parker and my nose isn't stuck in "What to Expect When You're Expecting".  It's just funny how you kind of take on the "been there done that" attitude with the second pregnancy.  Oh well, I'm sure one day I'll regret not having an every week belly shot, but I'm way too busy soaking up PRECIOUS moments and days of it just being me and Parker during the day.  I actually start tearing up when I think about having to split my time, or him feeling left out, and so on.  I know it will be an adjustment but we are so, so grateful for this little blessing that will be joining our lives before we know it!  God has the details and changes taken care of!

Here's the bump at 26 weeks!

I can still see my toes...not for long I'm sure!!  ;)

Nursery project has begun!  Step a huge spot on the wall so we can paint some samples and see what we like!  I've got shades of gray and light green going up...leaning toward the green.  Green and pink look good and so do green and blue!  Using the same black and white bedding my mom made for P.

Sweet boy painting.  We are trying to involve Parker as much as possible in this whole process so the transition won't be such a shock.  He knows this is going to be the baby's room and that the baby will sleep in his old crib.

Electricians came on Friday to hang a new ceiling fan.  Yes, the ceiling will be painted!  :)

More updates to come, stay tuned!  
**By the way mommies...I welcome any suggestions or advice on how you handled including your first child with a new baby.  Nursing sessions?  Outings?  Routine?  Rebellion?  I welcome any thoughts or advice! 


  1. Love your bump! Yea! You're getting closer! Have names picked out yet? ; )

    Let's see...
    Nursing sessions - The hardest part for me was not being able to get up and get anything Z wanted at the moment. Ha! He learned to be more patient. ; )

    Outings - Other than just taking more time to get out the door, there was not much difference. I just learned to have everything in my car...socks, snacks, water, etc. Ha!

    Routine - Hmm, just depends on what kind of "season" of life and time of year it is. Since Colson was born in the summer we didn't have much of a routine which was so nice! No pressures to be anywhere. ; )

    Rebellion - Zach really struggled the first month or so when we brought Colson home. Jason and Z spent a lot of time together which was so so important because I was taking care of Colson so much. He missed his mama, but I loved seeing Jason and him form an even more special bond. It did eventually click though, and he loves Colson more than anything. Just ride it out, girl! Parker will be a precious big brother!

    Love you!

  2. I'm loving that sweet bump! Auntie Ashley can't wait to meet him/her. :) Advice? Just call me and we'll talk! You just put one foot in front of the other and "do the next best thing"

  3. Hi Lauren!
    I adore your blog. Congrats on baby #2!! so happy for yall. I miscarried and had thyroid cancer between babies 1 and 2 so I know all about patiently waiting! Also, you are so reminding me of me with feeling anxiety about how Parker will adjust. Claire was almost 3 when we had Henry and I felt like I was cheating on her! Then I felt guilty that I wasn't more excited about getting to know about baby #2. However, the second Henry was born those anxieties melted away. You won't believe how fast you fall in love with your new baby. And how absolutely awesome it will be to see Parker love the baby and be a big brother. For us, we just made sure to have extra people -grandparents, daddy, babysitters around so either they could take claire on special outings or i could take her and someone could stay home with Henry. I used a babysitter a ton for henry in the beginning and that was the best thing i did - and he'll never know the difference :) I also relaxed on my no- TV policy and let claire watch shows by me while i nursed and gave her special big sis privileges. she ate that up :) It got harder once henry became mobile and started getting into claire's stuff! i think this stage will last for a while!! but it's still worth the challenges b/c now they can play together since he can walk, etc. someone told me to remind myself that the greatest gift you can give older child is a sibling so I clung to that in the rough moments. Prayers for a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and smooth adjustment! one moment at a time!
    -Ellie Burrus Livesay (Missy william's friend, from our time in dallas)